A little more about Me

I have always been a people person and found that rapport building to be one of my greatest strengths throughout my personal and professional life. 

Previously I worked for the Halifax Building Society for over 24 years a job that I loved. I became a self employed businesswoman in 2010 and loving DIY I trained as an electrician and female tiler. 

I have always had a passion for fitness, I enjoy pushing myself to new limits and challenges both physically and mentally and combined my passion with a business and started  my very own successful fitness studio, which I ran for over 5 years.

I experienced solution-focused hypnotherapy myself firsthand, which allowed me to change not only my mindset, but my life too, and decided to train to become a solution focused hypnotherapist with the highly acclaimed CPHT training school. 

Despite my busy hypnotherapy practice, I always ensure I make time for the things I love, including spending time with my family and friends, eating out and socialising, listening to music and am currently looking to take up cello lessons. 

When I am relaxing I will usually have my nose in a good book, I am a sucker for a good fact-packed read.

 The best part about being a therapist is meeting people, I love learning about people and being part of their journey to be the very best version of themselves.